Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)


QHHT involves 3 sections – an interview, an exploration of consciousness, and a discussion. The entire session takes place in-person and will take on average 5 hours.

The interview is an opportunity for you to tell us your story from beginning to end. This helps us understand who you are so we can ask good questions when it comes to speaking with your Higher Self.

The hypnosis section will include a guided visualization followed by the exploration of consciousness. We'll even call forward your Higher Self to help us understand the exploration, answers your questions, and perform necessary healing.

After you are brought out of the altered state, we will discuss your experience, the information gathered during the session, and review what to do next. You'll be given an audio recording of the exploration so you can go over the material and put it into place.

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With all services, a team member will contact you to answer any questions, gather additional information, and prepare you for your session. They'll help facilitate scheduling (if needed) and follow up when your session is complete.