Atlantean Medicine Mug
Artisan Handcrafted

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Legends of the past remind us of Earth's Atlantean ancestry. Memories imbued with artistic beauty, advanced technology, crystallography, and destruction. A civilization brought to its end by the loss of spiritual wisdom (heart) and the rise of scientific knowledge (mind). With the time of the Wizards coming to an end, the search for alternative power sources became of utmost importance. This exploration into new areas of power with disregard to universal principles eventually led to the catastrophic explosion known as The Great Shattering—an event so powerful that it tore a hole in the fabric of reality, piercing all twelve dimensions, and causing multidimensional disorder. To this day, its ripple is still experienced near the Bermuda Triangle.

The power of now brings us into the present where all fragmentation from the past are reintegrated. The twelve dimensions have merged and we've been provided a blank slate to create something new.

This Atlantean Mug, handmade using the highest quality of earthen material from the East Coast, is forged together on the West Coast. A symbolic bridging of the rise and the fall—life and death, together as one.

We call it our Atlantean Mug with the intention that all those who use this liquid vessel to drink their teas, coffees, and other healing remedies experience a profound sense of wholeness. A deep remembering of the ultradimensional capacities of those who lived in Atlantis and their healing waters.

Artisan Made in California